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Ready, steady, term 2, GO!

We're super excited to kick off term 2 after a lovely holiday! The start of the new term also coincides with the start of Autism Awareness Month 💙🌈💙🌈

At DS de Wet, we value the importance of creating awareness about autism. While Autism Awareness Month is a great platform to do this, we believe in promoting awareness every day of the year. Awareness campaigns often don't actually involve people with autism, promote harmful and negative stereotypes and don't address the very real issues that autistic individuals face on a daily basis.

Our kids are absolutely amazing - funny, smart, super observant ,loveable and incredibly tough and determined - but the reality is that living with Autism is challenging. This month, we will #lightitupblue and wear blue as part of the international Autism Awareness Campaign. But, we will also continue to spread awareness, love and empathy in our community, because ultimately, awareness means nothing without the love and support of of the community at large.

Thank you, Bredasdorp, for helping us build an informed and empathetic society where our kids are loved and cherished for the unique individuals they are!

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