What we do

The DS de Wet School for Autism is a community-based centre for children on the Autism spectrum. We aim to enrich, empower and equip children on the spectrum to function happily and independently within their community, in order to live meaningful lives. We are committed to creating a safe, accepting, child-centred environment where every learner and parent who cross our doorstep find a sense of belonging. 

"It takes a village to raise a child"

- African proverb - 

Our core principles are:

  1. Community-based: We aim to integrate children on the ASD spectrum into their own community by including them, as much as possible, in mainstream schooling, promoting social interaction and building community networks in order to foster long-term, independent functioning within their community. 

  2. Child-centred care: We support our children so that they can achieve THEIR goals. We do not decide where their limits are, but support and enable them to take control of their own bodies, brains, feelings, dreams and goals. 

  3. Holistic approach: We follow a strong holistic; we focus on the whole child. This includes a) physical components such sensory integration, health, exercise, digestive health, getting enough sun, playing outside and being strong and healthy in order to feel good in their own bodies; b) emotional development such as self-esteem, identity and self-expression; c) social skills; and d) cognitive skills.  

At DS de Wet believe in the importance of finding your village, where you can be loved and supported on your journey along this road less traveled. We also believe in opening our unique, crazy, colourful, beautiful village to everyone and anyone desiring a place to belong.

Welcome to our village!

We look forward to having you in the DS de Wet family!