Parents or guardians who are interested in enrolling a child at DS de Wet School for Autism can follow these steps and guidelines:

1) Find out whether your child meets our inclusion and exclusion criteria:

a) Inclusion Criteria: The child has to have a formal diagnosis on the ASD spectrum. We accept diagnoses done by either a Paediatric Psychiatrist or Neurologist.

b) Exclusion Criteria: We are not currently able to accommodate children with dual diagnoses that include current Psychiatric Illnesses (such as psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Mood Disorder) or Intellectual Disability.  

2) Complete our ADMISSION FORM: Email the completed form, including all relevant reports and diagnoses from the last year (psychology, therapy, school report etc.) to alta@autismschool.co.za

3) Make an appointment to visit our school: Come view our facilities and get to know our team. During this appointment, we will be able to answer any questions that you might have regarding financial, educational, structure and curriculum aspects.

4) School-based assessment: Before admitting a potential learner, we require that the child undergo an initial one-day assessment (free of charge), performed by our multi-disciplinary team. Depending on the outcome of the one-day assessment, some learners may be requested to participate in a more extensive two-week observation period prior to admission.


1. The learner, upon admission, should be between the ages of 5 and 13 years. However, early intervention is key. Kindly contact us for home programmes in this regard.

2. The school’s official languages of instruction are Afrikaans and English.


3. The following factors will play an essential role during evaluation:

     a) the learner's potential to adapt to our school environment and routine

     b) the learner's ability to interact with our current learners in an upbuilding manner

     c) whether our school will have the capacity to attend to all of the learner's      

        specific needs

     d) the learners' potential to be toilet-trained and to learn the basic self-help skills

     e) a  learner with a mild physical disability will be considered depending on the level              

        of support he/she requires to function within our school setting.

4. Assessment reports are needed from a registered Psychologist, Psychiatrist/Neurologist, Speech    

    and Occupational Therapist within the past 12 months.

5. All admissions are at the discretion of the DS de Wet School for Autism Direction.